Wellness for Makers Immersion

August 20

Wellness for Makers Immersion


Details Fee Breakdown:
Tuition: $100
Material Fee: $50

It’s no secret that sitting and performing repetitive tasks for long periods of time can negatively impact your health. The way you move in the studio influences the longevity of your hands and body, which ultimately affects your career. It’s not easy to unlearn the patterns and habits that our bodies have adapted to, but the good news is that your body is capable of developing new movement patterns that help you find the relief you deserve. Throughout this full day immersion, Missy, author of Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists, will teach you how to deconstruct your default postures and help you recreate healthier movement patterns in a way that will strengthen your hands and body. This workshop is a mix of lecture and movement for all levels. Together we will focus on different areas of the body, starting with the feet and ankles and working our way up to the neck and shoulders. Each movement sequence is designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce your risk of injury, and improve posture. We will cover everything from the footwear you choose to walk in to the chair you sit in, the best way to utilize your tools, and more. By the end of the day, you will have a complete “toolkit” and a more well-developed understanding of your body that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to keep creating. You will gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening when our posture fails us, when our backs give out, when we develop knots, or experience tension in the wrists and forearms. You will walk away with the skills you need to build strength and mobility in the studio through safe movements, corrective exercises, strengthening techniques, massage techniques, stretches, and posture check-ins.

Level: Beginner and Beyond
Workshop Levels

Definitions of Skill Levels for Workshops

  • Beginner and Beyond: Introductory level course that presents basic knowledge of tools, materials and techniques and is geared towards first timers or those who want to improve and expand their technique. It takes time to build skills.
  • Advanced Beginner and Beyond: Instruction that assumes some familiarity with tools, materials and equipment. Includes reviews and builds on basic skill sets, allows for those with more experience to work at their own pace. Further development of fundamentals, participants have had at least one class or equivalent with professional instruction.
  • Intermediate: Course content that assumes a working knowledge of basic studio tools, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the projects and techniques to be explored. Participants feel comfortable in the studio setting.
  • Intermediate to Advanced: Course content that requires a proficient working knowledge of studio tools, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the projects and techniques to be explored in class.
  • Advanced: Assumes proficiency and advanced working knowledge of materials and studio tools and equipment so that the focus is on artistic narrative and/or technical development.
Ages: Adult


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Missy Graff Ballone

Missy Graff Ballone is the Founder and Podcast Host of Wellness for Makers! She is also the author of Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists. Her mission is to motivate and empower creatives, like you, through education, mindful-living, and movement! She uses her unique backgrounds as an Artist, Alignment-based Yoga Instructor RYT500, and Licensed Massage Therapist to make information about the body accessible to artists everywhere.  Missy graduated with her MFA in Metals from the State University of New York at New Paltz and later decided to combine her backgrounds to bridge the gap between wellness and the artist studio practice. As an artist, Missy understands the aches and pains that go into having a creative practice. That’s why she decided to use her specializations to create this wellness immersion just for you!

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