The Garden Trowel

June 10 - June 12, 2022

The Garden Trowel


Details Fee Breakdown:
Tuition: $455
Material Fee: $75

An essential tool for the home gardener and plant enthusiast, the garden trowel is paramount for getting things growing. In this three day workshop, you will create a tool to enhance your horticultural experience while learning the basics of blacksmithing. Starting at the forge, participants will learn the basics including tapering, isolation of material, and spreading of mass. Once forged, the handle fitting and sculpting will leave participants with a one of a kind tool to accompany them for years to come.

*Workshops run from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day


Level: Beginner and Beyond
Workshop Levels

Definitions of Skill Levels for Workshops

  • Beginner and Beyond: Introductory level course that presents basic knowledge of tools, materials and techniques and is geared towards first timers or those who want to improve and expand their technique. It takes time to build skills.
  • Advanced Beginner and Beyond: Instruction that assumes some familiarity with tools, materials and equipment. Includes reviews and builds on basic skill sets, allows for those with more experience to work at their own pace. Further development of fundamentals, participants have had at least one class or equivalent with professional instruction.
  • Intermediate: Course content that assumes a working knowledge of basic studio tools, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the projects and techniques to be explored. Participants feel comfortable in the studio setting.
  • Intermediate to Advanced: Course content that requires a proficient working knowledge of studio tools, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the projects and techniques to be explored in class.
  • Advanced: Assumes proficiency and advanced working knowledge of materials and studio tools and equipment so that the focus is on artistic narrative and/or technical development.
Ages: Adult


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Nate Weiss

Hailing from south central Pennsylvania, Nate Weiss is a metalsmith whose passion for metalwork began as a teenager. Gathering an education from craft schools such as Penland, Touchstone, and Peters Valley, Nate has been able to work as a professional metalsmith for several years. Working a broad range of jobs – from architectural ironwork, to goldsmithing – has allowed Nate to cultivate a unique skillset, the influences of which are seen in his work. Focusing on traditional forging techniques, with an interest in benchwork, Nate’s aim is to create one of a kind objects that invoke a sense of wonder and are meant to be passed on.

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