August 9, 2021

“When You’re an Artist, the Stories Never End”- GlassRoots Perspective: Inique Bristol


Continuing with our GlassRoots blog takeover series, here is a note by current fellow Inique Bristol on her experience at Peters Valley so far:

“Hello everyone! My name is Inique– Unique with an I– and I make things. I’m so grateful to GlassRoots and Peter’s Valley for this opportunity! During my time here at Peters Valley, I’ve taken bookbinding, blacksmithing, fine metals and fibers. While I’ve genuinely enjoyed every class I’ve taken, fibers with Shannah Warwick has taken the cake (you can check out her work here)! To be able to create not only art, but wearable art has been an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to bring all my new skills back home and apply it to my own work. With my time here so far I’ve grown to learn that there are genuinely no mistakes in art. With every piece you create, you are the narrator and your art is the story, and when you’re an artist, the stories never end.”