Wyatt Nestor-Pasicznyk

Wyatt NP bio

Wyatt Nestor-Pasicznyk is a metalsmith, jeweler and enamelist currently living and working out of rural NJ. NP grew up in a small rural town working with horses his whole life. His work has recently been featured in the Enamelist Society’s show Alchemy6, The Metal Museum’s exhibition We are Here and the most recent Issue of Society of North American Goldsmith’s Magazine. His work is currently in Fort Worth TX for a Bolo Tie exhibition this year. The culture of both farming and agriculture heavily impacted the iconography which helped shape his practice. In a world surrounded by horses, belt buckles are unavoidable. NP creates much of his work in the form of champlevé enameled belt buckles; a type of body adornment tied to rural identity. One of his main passions is agriculture and the perseverance of farmers over generations as the land, climate and people change. He hopes to convey this sentiment in his work while providing visibility for all farmers, metalsmiths and craftspeople. Nestor-Pasicznyk received his BFA at Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Metalsmithing, Jewelry, and CAD CAM design in 2021. Since graduating he has been working on several farms and ranches focusing on horsemanship and land stewardship, in addition to continuing his practice in his home studio.


Champlevé Enameling

Explore champlevé enameling in this introductory workshop. Enamel adds color to your work and is a great way to introduce both narrative and abstract imagery into a piece of jewelry. […]

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