Tom Maiorana

Marc and Tom Maiorana

Tom Maiorana started forging iron in 1972 when he enrolled in a program for shoeing horses, a time when you were taught how to forge all the different types of horseshoes which are now mass produced. His shoeing career did not last but a few years when he dedicated himself full time to creating a blacksmith business marketing custom items as well as craft fair and household pieces. In time, the income from this small business was not adequate to support Tom’s family and he managed a farm project for a mental health organization and then with his wife went into the blacksmith supply business where they warehoused and sold a wide variety of blacksmith tools and products. It was this supply business that allowed him to keep pursuing forgework, even though part time, as opportunities seemed to always come around for custom work. Tom and his wife sold the supply business after 26 years, which allows him much more time to work at the anvil.


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