teke cocina

teke cocina is an artist and printmaker, living and working in New York, NY. He received his BFA from The University at Buffalo in 2013 and MFA from Purchase College in 2016. His studio practice is interdisciplinary – with a primary focus in printmaking – with 15 years of experience in screenprint, lithography, relief, monoprint, and book arts. teke has worked as a printmaking technician and instructor at Parsons School of Design since 2021. teke makes prints, books, sculptures, stickers, videos, interventions, statements, whispers, etc. about stars, being queer, aliens, love, the weather, friendship, photographs, trees, Hendrik Goltzius, Hercules, moire, shadows, etc.


Intro to Non-toxic Screenprint

In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of screenprint, using a stencil making method that doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or special equipment. We will cover how to prepare […]

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