Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson portrait2

Tara Wilson was captivated by clay as a high school student in Clyde, Ohio. During her undergraduate studies in Tennessee, she became fascinated with the wood firing process. Upon moving west for a residency at The Archie Bray Foundation her love for the rugged beauty of Montana’s diverse landscape was awakened – from the sweeping planes to the rugged mountains. These passions continue to drive her artistic endeavors today as she produces woodfired pottery in her studio near Helena, Montana. The soft forms of her woodfired vessels often relate to the figure while the surfaces are inspired by her natural surroundings.


Making work for the Anagama

This workshop will be focused on making work [pots or sculptures] for firing in the historic Peters Valley anagama kiln. You will spend five days making and preparing work in […]

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Firing the Anagama

Potters of all ranges in abilities are welcome to bring work made from stoneware and or porcelain clay bodies and bisque fired to participate fully in this amazing firing. Discussions […]

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