t i m b e r


t i m b e r  is a queer designer, woodworker, farmer and folk herbalist with a passion for all things wood. timber brings knowledge and experience to the arena of craft in an effort to explore the value of the everyday objects that bring meaning to our lives. These different disciplines inform a dedicated practice of developing a personal vernacular in the design and manufacture of furniture, utilitarian objects and sculpture that highlight the threshold between built and natural environments. The hope is that this work might lead us to develop more symbiotic relationships with our surroundings.


The Queer Art of Sitting

What is a queer space? Is it one defined by Safety and Inclusion or a type of uncomfortability that induces cultural evolution, a seismic disruption that begins a sequence sub-conscious […]

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Foundations in Furniture Making

In this hands-on woodworking class, participants will explore the fundamentals of woodworking while building a hardwood trestle table. You will work with both machines (tablesaw, router, jointer, thickness planer) and […]

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