Sarah T. Doremus

sarah doremus picture

Sarah Doremus lives in Deer Isle, Maine in a house up a mile long dirt driveway that her wife, Linda and she bought because it fulfilled her most important housing requirement: It is private enough to hang laundry naked. She was trained as a sculptor but got a job after college in a metalsmithing studio. From that point on her work has been jewelry sized. She finds that after a walk she is several pounds heavier from all the stuff collected along the way. Her work includes much of that. She works from her studio producing jewelry for galleries and private clients and also teaches workshops around the country including Penland, Peters Valley, Arrowmont, Metalwerx and Idyllwild. Her work is held in private and public collections including the Arkansas Art Center. The bulk of her time is devoted to teaching art at two rural Maine elementary schools where her work often takes the form of collaboration with 8 year olds.


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