Rob Territo

Rob Territo - POWS2

A Photographer, Artist, Activist and Teacher, Rob has been privileged to take from his own experiences and pass that on to the Youth and adults of NYC. For the past 15 yrs he has been a NYC Career Technical Educator, where he was able to secure living wage employment for many disenfranchised youth. Now retired, he has the opportunity to continue his teaching at GlassRoots of Newark and Peters Valley. Rob received his BFA from The School of Visual Arts and MFA from The University of Colorado at Boulder, where he had the opportunity to teach Photography in the Art Dept. and Writing in the Ethnic Studies Dept. Earlier in his career,  Rob was the editor and Creator of DV8 and ON Seeing magazine and the Interior Designer and Curator of Art shows, Night Clubs and Store Fronts. His approach as a photographer has been both artistic and community building as well as commercial; it is technical but lies mostly in the expression of the artist to their surroundings and community. “Art is first for the people, then for the establishment if need be”.


Intro to Digital Photography

Get to know your digital camera with creative daily assignments that challenge you to use lighting and composition in the exploration of natural environments. You will also be introduced to […]

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Anthotype Image of a tree in burgundy with orange background

Anthotype Photography

Anthotype is a green and sustainable photographic process that dates back to Victorian England and the birth of photography. Mostly abandoned for faster and more easily controlled processes, anthotype images […]

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