Oksana Danziger

Oksana Danziger

Oksana is a natural-born creator with a passion for textile art. She has worked as a textile artist in the industry for more than thirty years. Her clients include companies like GAP, Ann Taylor, and Tommy Bahama. After graduating from Moscow Textile Academy in 1896 she participated in various art and craft shows until she emigrated to the US in 1991. In the past five years, she has explored the world of sustainable art and especially Eco-printing and natural dyes. Oksana teaches many workshops on Long Island at Suffolk Art Museum, Long Island art League, and Parrish museum.


Eco Printing & Natural Dyes

Come join Oksana and learn how to successfully create your own Eco prints! Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves, and flowers leave their shapes, color, and marks on fabric. […]

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