Nick Rossi


Nick operates Nick Rossi Knives full time out of his studio in Vassalboro, where he creates dynamic, one-of-a-kind cutlery. Nick’s work is most influenced by Japanese, Southeast Asian and Scandinavian design as well as architecture, fine art and nature. Nick is a certified  Master Bladesmith in the American Bladesmith Society, a member of the Maine Craft Guild, the Maine Craft Association, the Portland based Metals Collective and a member of the New England Bladesmith Guild. Nick teaches workshops and gives demonstrations all over the country.


Rustic Yet Refined Chef Knives

Make yourself a high performance Chef Knife in this intense 5 day workshop! Starting with a bar of high carbon steel, you will forge, harden and handle a 6-7” Chef […]

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Forged Folding Knives

Come forge a rustic pocket knife that you can carry every day! In this workshop you will complete a 100% forged friction folder. This design dates back to the Viking […]

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