Miriam Jacobs

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Miriam Jacobs has been doing some form of art since she could hold a crayon. She graduated from art school at SUNY Purchase, where drawing the human body was her primary focus. She also explored painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and woodworking, and in a baptism-by-fire experience, initiated an experimental film animation class. Since graduating, Miriam has sold her work, exhibited in solo and group shows, and had two pieces published in a book. She has been a vendor at juried fine art and craft and quilt shows, demonstrated, lectured, and participated in panel discussions. As an art teacher, Miriam has taught all ages, in-person and virtually, in public and private schools, museums and other institutions. Her interest in surface design and textile design has been growing and developing over the last 15 years. This is a direction she never could have predicted but which has resulted in rich experiments in color, texture, pattern, and composition. Miriam gets enormous satisfaction teaching these methods, especially when those who have not done anything creative for many years are amazed and thrilled with their work.


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