Mak Henriksen


Mak is a journeyman blacksmith from the Pacific Northwest, whose work is often inspired by the forested shores of the Salish Sea. They travel the U.S. to work for different smiths, making both architectural and sculptural objects as well as smaller-scale home furnishings and utensils.


Blacksmithing for Teens

Jump into  the amazing world of blacksmithing. You will learn basic techniques from tapers to scrolls, bending, forming, hot punching and drifting, hot cutting, basics of tool usage and selection […]

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Beverage Utensils: Corkscrews, Cocktail Spoons, and More

Come learn to forge functional items for the kitchen or bar, with an emphasis on beverage utensils such as bottle openers, corkscrews, cocktail spoons, and bottle stoppers. You will be […]

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