Mak Henriksen


Mak is a metalsmith and maker from the Pacific Northwest whose work is inspired by the forested shores of the Salish Sea. After a 2-year apprenticeship in Seattle, Mak left the west coast to pursue the lifestyle of a journeyman blacksmith, traveling the country expanding their familiarity with forging and fabrication by working in various shops and studios. Since 2019, Mak has worked seasonally in the blacksmith studio at Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. Mak also runs Nettlefire Forge, crafting small items for the home and homestead.


Blacksmithing for Teens

Jump into¬† the amazing world of blacksmithing. You will learn basic techniques from tapers to scrolls, bending, forming, hot punching and drifting, hot cutting, basics of tool usage and selection […]

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