Kate Hawes

Kate Hawes PV1 - Edited

Kate Hawes has been working with wood for 25 years. They have worked as a custom furniture maker, founded and ran a cooperative wood shop in Brooklyn, and taught furniture making for over ten years. They have a certificate in Furniture and Cabinet Making from The North Bennet Street School and recently was awarded a Masters in Craft History and Theory from Warren Wilson College with a research focus on contemporary spoon carving community. They completed a residency at The Anderson Ranch Arts Center and their work has been exhibited in group shows in Brooklyn, The Fuller Museum, and Manifest Gallery. They have taught woodworking at The Crafts Student League, Makeville Studio, and The American Folk Art Museum. They split their time between teaching and working on commissions and spoons in their shop in the Catskills where they are inspired by the surrounding woods and all that dwells in them.


Carving Wood Utensils

Come immerse yourself in the satisfying art of shaping wood utensils. This is a great introduction to carving with hand tools as well as designing in three dimensions. You will […]

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