Jennie Traill Schaeffer

Jennie Schaeffer bio

Jennie Traill Schaeffer, a teaching artist, born and raised in Easton, PA, is now based in Durham, NC. TraillWorks, which encapsulates her art making and teaching, was founded in New Jersey in 2005 and grown throughout the Garden State over sixteen years. Her work is rooted in subject matter that venerates objects and places, asking the viewer to stay a bit longer, look deeper and to slow down. She is informed by a developing meditative practice and exploration of her surrounding environments. While much of her art is non-figurative, Jennie infuses figurative energy, vibrant colors and the use of paint as the vehicle of expression, with linear drawn elements. Jennie holds a BFA in Painting and Art Education from Syracuse University, and is known by her students as a nurturing, supportive educator that expertly teaches technique


Taking the Outdoors In: A Journey from Watercolor to Oil

Embark on a transformative journey exploring the art of watercolor sketching in nature, where sketches serve as the foundation for building an expressive oil painting. Led by experienced artist Jennie […]

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