Janis Cutler Gear

Janice Cutler Gear portrait

Janis Cutler Gear is a ceramic artist who combines the disciplines of painting, sculpture and drawing within her porcelain vessels. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Painting and an MFA in Painting from the New York Academy of Art where she studied classical art and sculpture. In Carnegie Mellon Janis studied with ceramic artist Edward Eberle who encouraged her to use her painting skills with ceramics. Janis uses these skills in what she deems “Pictorial Porcelain” intertwining the connections of culture and nature woven within cross cultural textile patterns into allegorical narratives. She renders her relief work with underglazes creating 3 dimensional drawings within the surface and glazes with transparent washes of color. Janis enjoys showing her work in Fine Craft Shows and various galleries like Silvermine Galleries and American Craftsman Gallery. She has been a ceramic designer for Love, Adorned in Soho and currently Blue Tree Store In the Upper Westside in Manhattan. 


Intro to Throwing on the Wheel & Surface Decoration

Learn to create wheel thrown ceramic vessels and explore surface decorative techniques. You will gain skills and knowledge about tools, techniques, centering and throwing basic vessels such as bowls, cylinders […]

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