Jamie Herman

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Jamie Herman is a furniture maker, sculptor, and teacher working out of Layton, NJ. His work features complicated geometries and precarious balancing acts, and he likes to present recognizable furniture forms in unexpected ways. Jamie is interested in exploring how material culture can influence our identities, and how participating in craft can change how we think. He trained in fine woodworking and furniture design at the Vermont Woodworking School and has participated in fellowships at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and Peters Valley School of Craft. Jamie was awarded the 2021 John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship. He is the current Woodworking Artist Fellow at Peters Valley, where he is an avid river dipper and wildlife watcher.



Rough Lumber to Cutting Boards

Make your own custom cutting boards while learning the ins and outs of woodworking equipment! We will start with rough lumber and learn to dimension wood using the jointer, planer, […]

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