Inique “Nova” Bristol

Inique Bristol headshot

Inique “Nova” Bristol is a multimedia artist. With no specific medium focus, their drive in their art is showcasing the relationship between fluidness and authenticity. Already being heavily influenced by performing arts from a young age, visual arts came into Inique’s life due to the thanks of the Newark Museum of Art’s Explorers Program. Upon high school graduation, Inique went on to study both Public Administration and Art History in an effort to make art more accessible to those who are not fortunate enough to experience it. It was inspired by their shoe business of customizing sneakers where they combined their love for both sneakers and art. “You can tell a lot from a person by what they wear on their feet. When I couldn’t afford to get the sneakers I wanted, I decided to paint on what I already had.” is the small tale that started it all. Nova is an embodiment feelings within art. A place to be vulnerable, imperfect, soft, and passionate is created and it causes magic to happen from our very minds to our hands. In 2021, with the help of GlassRoots Inc., Inique was able to be a fellow at Peter’s Valley where they were able to learn many more skills that they have since been able to carry throughout their artist experience.


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