Geoffrey Gorman

geoffrey gorman portrait

Geoffrey Gorman is a practicing artist creating his original found material sculptures in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He shows his work around the United States and has also exhibited in China and South Korea. Over the last several years his unique sculptures have been written about in the New York Post, Southwest Art, American Craft, American Style and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. His work is in numerous public and private collections around the United States. Geoffrey has been leading workshops, hosting panel discussions, and giving presentations for artists and arts groups for more than twenty-five years. With his extensive background in the arts, he brings a unique,  humorous and fresh perspective on the world of artists, galleries and the business of art.



Finding the Soul of Lost Materials: Mixed Media Sculpture

Experiment with innovative and intuitive ways of creating a variety of structures and forms using organic, found, and recycled materials. You are invited to think about shapes and forms that […]

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