Emery Hall

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Emery Hall is a nomadic place-based installation artist who strives to highlight the ephemeral narratives that embody the transient nature of our surroundings. With a foundation in fiber and textile work, Emery’s artistic practice is rooted in exploring the essence of place and the often marginalized aspects of our interconnected world. Her practice emphasizes the historical importance of fiber in a contemporary context, offering a bridge between tradition and innovation in the ever-evolving narrative of art. Searching to hold space for the beauty found in the overlooked and the marginalized and evoking a profound appreciation for the transient moments that shape our environments- the tactile and sensory nature of fiber and textile art serves as a monumental medium to articulate the stories of forgotten landscapes and the significance of each fleeting encounter. Emery Hall graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2020 with degrees in both Traditional Textiles and Sculpture. She was the Fiber Artist Fellow at Peters Valley School of Craft in 2022.


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