Dennis Fuge


Dennis Fuge is a self-taught wood turner from Erwinna, PA, who has been turning for 45 years and spent time in South Africa, Hong Kong and the USA. Dennis was President of the New Jersey Woodturners Association and has demonstrated at events up and down the east coast. He turns a wide variety of items, but his main focus is on deep hollow vessels, platters and artistic pieces.  In recent years Dennis has attended Arrowmont School of Art and spent a few days with Dave Register in the UK. A lot of his work focuses on what nature has already started and he allows the wood together with its flaws and faults to determine what the finished item will look like. Some of his work will only use wood as a canvas and he creates some very eye-catching pieces, using color, mixed media and carving. Many of the woods he works with are from the North East and are what he calls “road kill” or rescue timber.


From Tree to Lathe: Decorative Platters

Learn to turn a “Decorative Platter” by learning how to identify the most common trees in the North East and the best ways to use them. Beginning with rough logs, […]

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Fundamentals of Woodturning

Ages 13-17 Learn all the fundamentals of woodturning and understand the capabilities of a lathe and the wonderful items that can be turned very quickly. Dennis will discuss the basics […]

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