Daryl Lancaster


Daryl Lancaster, a hand-weaver and fiber artist known for her award-winning hand-woven fabric and garments, has been sewing and weaving for half a century. She gives lectures and workshops to guilds, conferences, and craft centers all over the United States. The former Features Editor for Handwoven Magazine, she frequently contributes to various weaving and sewing publications. Daryl maintains a blog at www.weaversew.com/wordblog and with her daughter has created the YouTube channel The Weaver Sews.


Designing & Weaving Handwoven Yardage

Improve your basic weaving skills and learn to work with the loom to create beautiful flawless yardage suitable for garments or household textiles. This workshop will give participants a chance […]

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Introduction to Weaving on a Four Shaft Loom

Explore this time-honored craft, on a 4 shaft loom that allows patterning and play. Designed for beginners, and using a pre-wound 5/2 cotton warp, this workshop will take you through […]

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