Chelsea Witt

Chelsea Witt - bio

Chelsea Witt is a woodworker, furniture maker, sculptor, and illustrator. Their work explores shapes and the way that simplicity and complication coexist. Chelsea has a passion for teaching those who would not normally have access to woodworking education. ​After graduating from the University of South Florida with a BFA they have worked and taken opportunities up and down the east coast seeking growth in furniture making specifically. Currently Chelsea is teaching age 10-18 year olds in New Jersey and spends the summers in Mid Coast Maine teaching at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and focusing on their personal practice.


Adventures in Steam Bending

Experiment with the art and science of wood steam-bending and explore design possibilities with curves. This hands-on, playful, and experimental workshop will introduce the basics of steam bending techniques to […]

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Woodworking 101 for Women and Trans/Non Binary

This is a hands-on workshop meant to give woman, transgender and non binary identifying individuals a safe space to learn as beginners. This course will provide an overview of shop […]

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