Carson Culp

Carson Culp bio

As a dedicated potter for the past decade, Carson’s journey has been shaped by hands-on experience gained through numerous jobs and apprenticeships, including an enriching stint at the prestigious Leach Pottery. His passion lies in the preservation of  handmade qualities that define his work, a commitment forged through a love for the process of turning clay into ceramic. Exploring diverse cultures and their techniques working with clay during Carson’s travels have been a constant source of inspiration, deeply influencing his approach. His artistic expression is intricately tied to patterns, color, texture, and material, which reflects a profound love shown in his decorating, glazing, and firing processes. Working with clay is more than a vocation for him; it’s a soul-nurturing journey that has, in many ways, saved his life. Having participated in multiple residencies worldwide, Carson is now transitioning into a new phase of his career as a craftsman, driven by the desire to give back and share the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years. His vision for the future includes the establishment of a production pottery studio, where he aims to mentor and train the next generation of studio potters through a comprehensive apprenticeship program. Focused on crafting standard ware and decorative statement pieces for everyday use, this endeavor represents Carson’s commitment to the timeless art of pottery and gives back to the future of young potters.


Intro to Pit Firing & Wheel Throwing Intensive

This workshop will provide hands-on experience into the world of alternative fired ceramics and wheel throwing, balancing the elemental allure of pit firing with a focus on craftsmanship using the […]

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