Caroline Silverman

CarolineSilverman Caroline Silverman

Caroline Silverman is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on the intersection of object, narrative, and context. Working predominantly with textiles, her work explores how the soft things that people live with reflect the realities and records of their experiences. In the process of exploring what draws people to their objects, she has made quilts, writing, embroideries, tools, poetry, garments, books, and paintings to help her better understand this relationship. In her work she contemplates how these objects are often made with the intention to provide comfort and protection, and strives to extend these gestures to her collaborative work and teaching. Caroline’s recent research has delved into the tactile and intimate relationship between textiles and the body, specifically looking at quilts and embroidery as an extension of memory and embodied experiences. She thinks this relationship is particularly important to consider in analog and digitized ways. Caroline lives and works in New York City, and travels often to Providence where she teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Quilting for the Home

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