Ashley Saville

Ashley Saville with work

Ashley Saville (she/her) is the owner/founder of ANEMONE, where she has been transforming quilts into wearable art out of her studio in Vermont since 2020. She is a self-taught sewist who is passionate about slow and sustainable fashion, and bringing new life to old things. She thrives on the opportunity to create something beautiful yet functional from something that has lived a previous life so that it can be loved and appreciated in a new and perhaps unexpected way. Her goal is to highlight the beauty in handmade quilts, and especially loves working with those that due to their age and wear (sometimes referred to as “cutters”), might otherwise be relegated to a closet, barn, or worse, to create heirloom pieces to be passed down for many generations to come. She lives in Vermont with her husband, son, and 3 cats.


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