Anna Koplik

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Anna graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Jewelry and has worked as a blacksmith at a variety of craft schools and architectural shops. She travels often, working as a journeyman smith and teaching blacksmithing workshops. Anna is currently the Blacksmithing Artist Fellow at Peters Valley. She has a passion for educating and showing beginner smiths the many different possibilities blacksmithing has to offer. Her personal work focuses mainly on tool and utensil making, and combining functionality with a refined, delicate aesthetic.


Toolmaking for Blacksmiths

This workshop will cover the basics of making your own tools of the trade and expanding your skills as a blacksmith. Focus will be put on making tools that are […]

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Beginning Blacksmithing

Learn to forge metal with a hammer and anvil while gaining basic working skills of blacksmithing tools and techniques. Topics covered will include; coal forge maintenance, hammering techniques, use of […]

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