Anna Koplik

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Anna graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Jewelry and has worked as a blacksmith at Peters Valley School of Craft, Atlas Forge, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Spirit Ironworks, Center for Metal Arts, Davis Metalsmiths, Caleb Kullman Studio, Michael Bondi Metal Design, and MDO Welding and Fabrication. She travels often, working as a journeyman architectural smith, teaching blacksmithing workshops, and going on adventures whenever possible. She has a passion for educating and showing beginner smiths the many different possibilities blacksmithing has to offer. Her personal work focuses mainly on tool and utensil making, and combining functionality with a refined, delicate aesthetic.


Beginning Blacksmithing

Come learn the basics of forging beautiful handmade steel objects in a fun, enthusiastic, and inclusive environment! You will learn how to swing a hammer at the anvil, work a […]

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Tongs, Tongs, Tongs!

In this class you will learn the process of forging your own blacksmith tongs in a fun and enthusiastic environment! Tongs are a fundamental tool for blacksmithing, and the ability […]

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