Alex Orgera


Alexandra Orgera is a photographer living and working in Philadelphia. After receiving her B.A. in Science and Humanities from Carnegie Mellon University, she pursued the study of photography through coursework at Universität der Künste, University of the Arts, and Project Basho, and in 2015, she co-founded The Halide Project, an organization dedicated to encouraging the practice of traditional and alternative process photography. Her work makes use of hand-made cameras and other experimental photographic techniques to explore the world in which we live.


Black & White Polaroid Transfers and Composing-on-the-Square

Monday, November 30th ~ 2:00-5:00pm EST Friday, December 4th, ~ 2:00-5:00pm EST Monday, December 7th ~ 2:00-5:00pm EST Friday, December 11th ~ 2:00-5:00pm EST Black & White Polaroid Film? Yes, […]

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