July 27, 2021

GlassRoots Perspective: Myia Graham

Photo Jul 09, 6 42 34 PM

This week, we hear from Myia Graham on what her experience as a Fellow through the GlassRoots/Peters Valley program has been like:

“Hello, hello, is this mic on? Hi, so let me introduce myself; I’m Myia, one of the five GlassRoots fellows. Peters Valley is the most relaxing, energizing, and helpful place with a wonderfully supportive community. Even though I’ve only been here for three weeks I can accurately say the next four will be even better.

My first two weeks here were in woodworking and I had the pleasure to make a cloud inspired bookshelf and cloud and moon shaped coffee table while learning some cool introductory skills and making even cooler furniture.

My third week was weaving on a floor loom and man, just hearing those words was intimidating. What is weaving? What is a floor loom? Is this easy? Is this like knitting? I’m bad at knitting. But the class was so fun and creative. And not intimidating at all. We weaved for hours making colorful and loud (no, like physically loud) patches of fabric that can be bracelets, floor mats, or patches for clothing. And I can honestly say I’m really grateful we have clothing; we truly don’t deserve it and all the work that goes into making a simple fabric.

I’m excited for my next couple of weeks here at Peters Valley and for all things I can make here. See you at the end of the summer.”


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