June 14, 2021

GlassRoots Fellow Experience: Adelin Figueroa

2021_Jon Puzzuoli

This post from Adelin Figueroa is the second in our series of guest blog posts with our current GlassRoots Fellows:

“A couple of years ago I was trying to discover what my art meant to me. I was fresh out of high school and became an art fellow at a craft school. During that time, I discovered what my art was all about. My paintings captured my inner turmoil and traumas and injected them into the minds of world. Since that time, I came to find life, peace, and truth. Now on a new journey in a new craft school, Peters Valley has given me the opportunity and a launch to once again discover my new life as an artist. Exploring all kinds of mediums, I now have endlessways to communicate what I have learned on my journey of finding life and embrace myself as an emerging Christian artist.

Clay speaks in ways different from sculpting with found objects or working with wood. Its process speaks more to me than the final product. With little to no experience throwing clay, Bruce has helped me quite a lot with handling clay, pulling clay, coning clay, and shaping clay. The clay is pushed down and pulled up with such force but the final product displays something so delicate, refined, and beautiful. A masterpiece. And in the same way, I too am being molded like clay in the hands of the Creator. I am excited to unveil new mediums and creativity during these final weeks left at Peters Valley that I would not have been able to do without the GlassRoots fellowship. This is just the beginning of my journey to creating loud art.”