High School Student Exhibition

February 5 - February 27, 2022

2022 High School Square (1)

The 10th Annual Student Exhibition will feature works from Newton High School, Wallkill High School, Fort Lee High School, Watchung Hills Regional High School, High Point Regional High School, Delaware Valley High School, and Roxbury High School.

Work ranges from ceramics, painting, photography, collage, textiles, jewelry, to mixed media sculptures providing a well rounded display for viewers.  As an educational center, it is Peters Valley’s mission to cultivate the next generation of fine craft artists and supporters. By hosting this exhibition we are encouraging young artists to not only make, but share their work with the world in a professional gallery setting.

The sampling of work included in this show is representative of the creative power of our local youth.


Delaware Valley High School: Isabelle Pearn, Rachel Richter, Stella Weir, Tiffany Francois, Sophia Miller, Mirabelle Demmo

Fort Lee High School: Sophia Park, Ran Wei

High Point Regional High School: Chauncey Gebauer, Brianna Dunn, Esther Schweinberg, Carney Wyble, Hailey Dykstra, Emma Leto, Kylie Donofrio, Madelyn McCurdy, Cade Martress, Quinn Strangeway

Newton High School: Benjamin Weissensee, Demarius Posey, Grace Matullo, Nicholas Christensen, Emily Ferri, Lillie Gould, Johnny Fagerlin, Madison Chymiy, Jade Megna

Roxbury High School: Elysha Magat, Jacob Stewart

Wallkill Valley Regional High School: Anthony Lubrano, Kyndel Whiteford, Rayon Pourshariati, Chase Rosarin, Nicole Lorencovitz, Lily Guthrie, Megan LeTellier

Watchung Hills Regional High School: Joshua Caxton, Loren Eskeen, Nicolas Miller, Clara Chen


Award Winners

Best in Show & Winner of a Huber-Weyer full-tuition workshop scholarship: Anthony Lubrano – Concentric
2nd Place: Madelyn McCurdy – Eden
3rd Place: Brianna Dunn – Deucalion and the Flood
Honorable Mention: Clara Chen – Trypophobia
Honorable Mention: Elysha Magat – Blue Dove


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Printed Articles:
Sparta Independent – February 24-March 2, 2022 – Page 14

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