EH²: Meet the New Gallery Staff

March 12 - April 9, 2022

Exhibition Square Design

EH² is an exhibition to showcase Erika Hewston and Emily Haag, the new Gallery Director and Gallery Assistant.

Erika Hewston is a textile artist from Reading, Pennsylvania who focuses in weaving.  She creates richly colored textural wall hangings as well as fine woven wearable scarves and ties:

“I work primarily as a handweaver making both fine woven wearables and texturally saturated wall pieces.  All of my work focuses on the interaction of vibrant colors to create striking statement pieces.  My scarves and ties are all comprised of cotton, bamboo rayon, and tencel to ensure a soft product with beautiful drape.  My wall pieces are a mixture of any fibrous materials I can gather within the desired color range: cotton, fleece, felt, twine, tule, acrylic, burlap, and others.  This vast array of materials allows me to create pieces that are immersed in texture creating both a visual and tactile exploration for the viewer.”

Emily Haag is a contemporary abstract expressionist from Sparta, New Jersey with a focus in painting and printmaking. Her works center around the physicality of the material (mixing sand with her paint) and how it plays with light and shadow.

“I begin each work impulsively and spontaneously. Mixing the sand into acrylic has become as much a part of the art as the piece itself; the composition comes 2nd to the process of manipulating the materials. Sand is a very provocative material, soft and inviting, while simultaneously abrasive and irritating. It often evokes enjoyable memories and experiences of family vacations to the beach, and the rhythmic motion of the crashing waves gives a sense of comfort and familiarity. Jacques Benveniste theorized that water holds memory. Now a widespread cliché made known through the popular Disney film, the theory still rings true to my process. Memory is very important to my work, and can often be blurred or distorted by time. While the oceanic water has yet to hold a physical presence in my works, sand is its placeholder.

I once had a professor tell me to be the shark of my paintings, to attack the paintings like a shark. I think about this frequently. Working through my paintings I realize that I am both the shark and its prey. I struggle and fear this unknown, but I also attack it; I get extreme anxiety as an artist, but I strive to use that to my advantage and make meaningful work for myself.”
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Opening Reception delayed to March 26th 3-5 PM due to inclement weather.

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