2021 Glass Roots Fellowship Exhibition

Sept 17 - Oct 23, 2021

GlassRoots Fellowship Exhibition
This exhibition will showcase the personal journey of discovery of ten Glassroots fellowship participants. Their work and process demonstrates their immersion into fine craft studio processes and their accomplishments during their artistic residency at Peters Valley School of Craft and at Glassroots.
Each week they studied a new method and or a new medium such as forged iron, ceramics, fiber and textiles, printmaking, photography, woodworking, glass, mosaics, fine metals, painting and more and became part of the 2021 creative community of resident artists at Peters Valley. – Kristin Muller
The Glassroots fellows have experienced so much growth, now it’s time to share it with the world! We are delighted to present to the world this new crop of young, ambitious, talented and motivated artists. – Alix Davis
Adelin Figueroa, Andrea “Aye” David, Emmanuel “Manny” Ogbonnaya, Gerald Abrea, Erlea Jimenez, Inique Bristol, Joshua “Red” Jackson, Kayla Mudrow, Myia Graham, Serenity Sewell
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