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Precious Movements: A Wellness Workshop Series for Jewelers

October 18, 2023 at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

October 18, October 25, November 1 ~  6:00pm -7:15pm EST
Instructor: Missy Graff Ballone

Your alignment at the bench matters! Most jewelers aren’t taught how to sit, stand, or move well at the bench. Did you know that your everyday movements can actually retrain your body to create strength in areas that might be lacking? Your studio practice directly influences the longevity of your hands and body, which ultimately affects your career. It’s not easy to unlearn the patterns and habits that our bodies have adapted to. But the good news is that your body is capable of developing new movement patterns that can strengthen your studio practice in the long run. As an educator, Missy feels a strong sense of responsibility to create a new understanding surrounding the relationships between our bodies and our studio practices. In this 3 week series, Missy will teach you how to hold your tools more effectively. Learn how to move in a way that helps you find the relief you deserve so you can keep experiencing a lifetime of making! Your body is worth the effort! This series is an essential resource for anyone looking to create long term. The workshop series includes a mix of background information, such as how knots develop in the body, and practical instruction, such as different ways to increase blood flow, circulation, and flexibility. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture. 

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