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Delicate Resilience by Liza Hamilton Quay Artist Lecture

April 3 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Liz Hamilton Quay, presently serving as the Assistant Professor of Textile and Materials Studies at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, has seamlessly woven her passion for fabric manipulation into a distinguished career. Her artistic journey began at Kutztown University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and a BFA in Craft, with a concentration in Fibers. Further advancing her expertise, Liz pursued her MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, specializing in Fibers and Materials Studies. 

Rooted in a genuine curiosity for materials and a deep joy for the art of creation, her work reflects a unique creative approach. Liz’s artistic repertoire encompasses a variety of techniques, spanning from traditional fibers to experimental sculpture. Her creations explore innate, visceral emotions associated with the concept of “mothering.” Her work has been showcased in notable venues and organizations such as the WestBeth Gallery in New York, the Ceres Gallery in New York City, Atlantic Gallery NYC, Fibre Arts Take Two, Fibre Arts Australia, and Surface Design Association publications, solidifying her presence in the contemporary art scene.



“I am driven by my relentless urge to describe feelings through materiality. Conceptually, my work is based on the tension or the stagnation that is generated through managing emotional balance. The arrival of my daughter, and subsequently becoming a mother, dramatically enhanced and expanded my concept of the physical embodiment of the struggle to maintain stasis. My work is deeply focused on the clashing of soft and hard; the transformation of plain or seemingly ugly materials to reveal their beautiful and delicate qualities; and monotonous layering of stitch, which gives new life to flat fabrics. I abstract the female form down to the essential elements of what creates a mother’s body. My emotional state that derived from the transformative experience was one of confliction. There is much celebration, but also feelings of emptiness and divorce from my own being. Ultimately, I hope to evoke an alluring outcome from the struggle.”

Exhibition - SQ

Location: Peters Valley School of Craft Gallery