November 19, 2022

An end-of-year note from Peters Valley Executive Director, Kristin Muller


November 20, 2022

Dear Peters Valley Friends,

For 52 years, Peters Valley has been a community created through craft.   Every day we are inspired by the talented artists who gather together to learn, collaborate, share,develop skills and ideas, and build lifelong friendships on campus. Whether you were a student, instructor, craft fair attendee, gallery artist , donor, or visitor, you made 2022 a special year for Peters Valley!

Thank you for your support this year. It allowed us to hire more staff, strengthen our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, (IDEA), forge new partnerships, make improvements to studios, and reach new audiences across the state and country through virtual offerings and outreach programs. As we reflect on all that was made possible, the essence of Peters Valley can be summed up by our core values  to the right. Peters Valley is an essential part of what makes a “craft ecosystem” in our field, providing opportunities for artistic exchange, collaboration, community, skill building and advancement. 

Launching into 2023

Building on our progress, in 2023 we plan to sharpen our focus on engaging more people and creating new creative and professional opportunities for makers. Some examples of what your gift today will support: 

  • Expanding our workshop schedule to meet increased demand
  • Broadening access to the craft school experience for new groups of people through additional scholarships and new partnerships
  • Completing facility upgrades, like the gas forges installations in the Blacksmithing studio,  new seating for Metalsmithing and Ceramics studios and replacing old equipment
  • Expanding our footprint in order to reach new communities within New Jersey and across the country
  • Continuing to invest in initiatives like our Artist Fellowship, Studio Assistantship and Artist-in-Residence program that offer artists opportunities for professional development

Your continued support is critical to the future of Peters Valley. We have a goal to raise $125,000 before the end of 2022. Will you consider a gift to support Peters Valley to end the year? 

As we face the current effects of inflation on our operating costs, we ask that you please consider increasing your generosity this year if you are able. Tuition and fees cover just 41% of our annual budget. The remainder must come from generous donations from individuals in our community, like you. Everything that happens at Peters Valley is made possible by the generosity of donors like you. Donations can be made clicking this link, which will take you to our campaign’s GiveLively fundraising page

Thank you in advance for supporting Peters Valley!

With gratitude,

Kristin Muller

Executive Director

P.S. Visit our Give Lively donation page now to make your donation!